First time home buyers often go into the home shopping process with out the proper foundations.  There are 4 things you will want to do before you shop for that first home. 

1.  Check your credit score before you start.  Did you know the higher the credit score the lower the interest rate?  Lower interest rate allows you to buy a higher priced home with more of the options you are looking for.

2.  Get Pre-approved for your mortgage loan.  Pre-approval will help you determine what price range to shop in.  Pre-approval allows you make an offer saying "this is an all cash offer".

3.  Remember  You will need to factor in closing costs, this could be an extra 2-5% plus your down payment.

4.  When shopping, don't focus just on the house, check out the neighborhood.  Neighborhoods help determine the appraised value of a home.  Better falling in love with a rickety older house in a good block than a pretty home in the wrong block.

So now lets get this game on the road, call me I can walk you through the process!

When you're ready for a new space, I can help you find Your Place!