My first series of posts in this forum will be regarding aging in place, either in your current home or finding a home that works for your situation, if you need help with any of these questions, call me.

Aging in Place, Can I Stay in My Home?  Family and Health Care

Is it time to make some decisions regarding your next step in housing?  One of the things to consider is the possibility of aging in place.  Before you choose to stay in your home and make improvements to allow you to do so, you should consider: 

Family and Health Care Considerations

  • How close are you to family support? Do your family members live near enough if there is an emergency?
  • Is there a health-care facility near you home?  Is there Block Nurse Program that services your area, to check up on you?
  • Prescription drugs –does your pharmacy deliver or mail the medicine out? 
  • What is the location of emergency services in relation to your home?  How far to your Doctor/Clinic/ Hospital? 

Check here next week for more information on Aging in Place.