Aging in Place, Can I Stay in My Home?  Climate Considerations

Is it time to make some decisions regarding your next step in housing?  One of the things to consider is the possibility of aging in place.  Before you choose to stay in your home and make improvements to allow you to do so, you should consider the following questions.  If you need any help with these questions, call me.

Climate Considerations

  • What type of climate do you like, will you need to go south for the winter or north for the summer?
  • Changes of season, climate variations, the location you live in determines weather or not you will have adequate time to enjoy the out of doors.
  • Is there a possibility of destructive storms and natural disasters?  Safety first!
  • Environmental quality of your chosen location?  What is the air quality, water quality, traffic considerations, noise levels, ambient odors level?
  • Are there points of interest near your home?  Parks, Mountains, Coastlines, Scenery.  What do you like to do, can you easily perform those tasks in this location.